Comacchio MC 900 P


Année : 2007 – Nombre d’heures : 4.200

Prix : sur demande


The MC 900 P was conceived as a mid-size hydraulic drilling rig for geotechnical works. This rig incorporates a particularly flexible design and accommodates many different accessories, which has allowed for an extremely diversified technical evolution of the MC 900 P over the years, including fields other than geotechnical engineering.

Currently the MC 900 P is one of the most versatile models of the Comacchio line covering a large spectrum of activities related to geotechnical investigation, environmental studies and monitoring.

These include soil investigations carried out with destructive and non-destructive coring techniques, sonic technology, but also ground engineering works with the use of both rotary and/or rotary-percussive drilling.

Due to the high mast pull force and rotary head torque output, the MC 900 P is also perfectly suitable for water well drilling and the installation of geothermal borehole heat exchangers carried out with single string drilling (both with mud circulation and a down-the-hole hammer).

Drilling rig:

  • Year of manufacture : 2007
  • Working hours : 4200 h
  • Engine : Deutz Tier3 126 kW
  • feed stroke 4.000 mm (double head) – Total length 7.950  mm
  • Pull down max : 10t
  • Pull up max : 20t


  • Double head kit RH 3200 & CT 37 A with off-hole slidramatic

Upper head CT 37 A motors type OMV 500, lower head EURODRILL RH 3200 motors type 31

Air-water swivel CTA30 – connection 2” (on upper head)

  • Preventer for double head kit RH 3200 & CT 37 A
  • Rubber shoe for steel tracks (remote controlled) , width 400 mm
  • 2 Hydraulic rod holders + 1 rod breaker, clamping range: 45 – 300 mm
  • Rod guiding device, inserts diam. 183 mm + 197 mm
  • 1000 Kg  hydraulic winch
  • Water / foam pump UDOR GC 30 + washing kit
  • Screw pump NG 800 L/P5, 800 lt/min
  • Lubrication pump with timer for D.T.H. + Electro-hydraulic air gate valve (open/close of main line)
  • Electro-hydraulic air gate valve (discharge line)
  • Night light
  • Lifting device for rods and casing with jib boom + winch (Remote controlled)

Hydraulic crane AMCO VEBA V.807 TF/2S (Remote controlled)

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