New Comacchio MC 3D

New Comacchio MC3D running jetgrouting and anchors in BENELUX. Do you need it with electrical motor ? Diesel motor ? With integrated engine (Without powerpack) ?

This Comacchio is highly customizable, do not hesitate to contact us if you need a quotation :


Marini MR-A-120

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Our rental drilling mast Marini MR-A-120 working on the Belgium coast (in combination with our 12 ton Hitachi excavator) and along the SNCF railways (mounted on the hydraulic excavator of the customer).

No more percussion head in Brussels

According to new rules in Brussels, it is no longer allowed to use percussion head because the vibrations cause cracks in the walls of houses.
Big worries for contractors, as they use this system to drive the joists that make up the armour-plated trenches.
So an alternative was needed… and CERCO found it!
We have equipped our COMACCIO MC4D with a 222mm diameter tricone.
The big advantage of the COMACCIO MC4D is its ease of movement in confined spaces, as it is compact, while offering the same power as its big sister the COMACCIO MC8.
In addition, almost any drilling angle is possible thanks to its exceptional kinematics.
Normally designed for rotary percussion, it is only used in rotary mode.
An innovation.
Conclusion: Mission successful, with all our strengths, CERCO has adapted and solved the problem.

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Comacchio MC15P

IMG_20210121_092002 IMG_20210121_091925

Our Comacchio MC15P drilling with double head in the new lock of Ampsin in Belgium for Franki Foundations.